I Know It


I Know It

-By Sanjana Arora
I know I am surrounded by many people. I am not isolated,
But are they the actual ones whom I want?
Not at all. That’s why I am separated.
I am not able to calculate the things which are overpowering on me,
But it is actually irritating me.
I want to scream, speak my heart loud,
But how? I become part of this bloody crowd.
That crowd where there are so many people; ‘yes’ so many people,
So, I better prefer an enemy rather than surrounded by fake people.
Some great spirits said you need no one, you are enough capable to gain everything,
Yes, but till when? And what of those thoughts which are daily grinding.
Keep yourself involved, keep yourself busy, till when?
I cannot escape I have to face this life and already suffered so many things.
I desperately want to speak my heart loud,
But can I do it in a crowd? Will I be listened by this crowd?

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