To live with you forever

I want to live with you forever

Sanjana Arora

 Leaving behind all the trends,

You yourself so different.

Here, each guy every girl they stare,

And you just indulge in your work that makes you rare.

All other wasting time in candlelight dinner,

Here you are preparing to be life’s winner.

Only with small work I easily get tired,

But seeing your passion towards your work I really got inspired.

Here each guy complementing every girl seductive,

And you every day making your thoughts more innovative.

‘I love you so much ‘are the words of liers,

And you are the only one of whom I really admire.

Where all say ‘I want to live with you forever’, Here, ‘ I want to walk with you forever’.

We are slowly endorsing the thread with shiny pearls,

You are my vampire and I am your disneygirl.


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